"My son Joe was an average rising 7th grader who wanted to commit his winter to becoming the best player he could be.  We choose to do group lessons so he could try his new moves vs. defense everyday and get to scrimmage. I was so impressed that all the players improved so much from week to week.  Joe improved his shooting form, finishing strong around the basket and ball handling. He became very consistent at finishing strong by the basket and had better lane penetration off of his dribble. After three months of regular training, Joe made a very successful AAU team and earned a starting spot. He just can't get enough and will be back in the gym to train to get ready for high school tryouts!"

Tim Hoots


"We were so happy our kids school added Step Up Basketball Academy. We signed our son (age 5) and daughter (age 3) up right away and they loved it so much that after the fall session we also did the winter and spring sessions. They loved taking basketball class at school and came home to practice their dribbling and passing each week. We highly recommend Step Up Basketball to other families."

The Williams Family


"Our daughter had goals of playing in college so we enrolled her in both group and private lessons with Cindy Martin.  We were amazed with the results! Regan’s game began to get better week after week.  In addition to her improved fundamentals on offense, Regan significantly improved her basketball IQ and her ability to play pressure man to man defense. She now has a tremendous amount of confidence about herself and her game and is on her way to play on a Division I basketball scholarship."  

Regi & Sandra Croff


"We did a 10 week session at our school in the mornings with Step Up Basketball Academy. My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the classes and the fun games they did. As an added bonus it's nice to have our weekends free to do family activities."

Nancy Solomon


"Private lessons were well worth the money. Cindy Martin had an exceptional ability to see and correct shooting form, positioning by the basket and instruct in valuable 1-on-1 game moves.  The sessions were focused, disciplined with no nonsense or wasting time.  Dylan said he could understand ‘why’ to do it a certain way, not just how, so he could really use his new moves in practice & games.  He learned as a 5th grader how to use his left hand for ballhandling and layups and it has made a significant difference in his game as well as his confidence level. We did private lessons for over a year and credit our sons success in middle school to his private lessons with Coach Martin!"

Brian & Gretchen Jones